In attendance: n/a

@MIT: n/a

Absent: n/a

  • Update on swag from Ryan
    1. We have a design!!!
    2. Silkscreening it now
    3. Put a copy on file when finalized
    4. Not before June because sending to new JP students too
  • Updates on steinbach scholars
    1. Dawn's visit is booked for WHOI (July 30th and 31st) and MIT (August 1st)
    2. Joleen's scholar - 9th and 10th of July. Department talk (9th) and student lunch (10th)
    3. Kevin - he's on track too with scheduling rooms
  • Update about 1st year picnic
    1. 5 of them are super stoked. Lizzie e-mailed them telling them what to do.
    2. How do you book the ballfield? - Lea can book it for them.
    3. It will be on July 6th
    4. Once the new name is decided, (probably cuttlefish?) then we need to make a list - lizzie will email Kris/Lea about making the list
  • Compiling and sending out list of MIT advisors
    1. Lizzie has gotten the list of MIT advisors from everyone (except Rachel who might still be working on it?) Rachel was not able to get that many people to fill it out.
    2. Standard formatting: Faculty name, a sentence about what they do, then which students' committee they served on - lizzie will send out an example
    3. Have list ready for next meeting and send out.
  • Buying furniture for the JP apartment...send out a survey? - request for more lamps?
    1. Ask Kris what she would oversee and what funds we have other than our OGE funds. - Joleen will ask.
    2. Send out e-mail to ask about what anyone else would want? Or an email
  • Jelly talks - when do they start?
    1. Ryan and Kevin will organize and plan budget/dates. Will start in June.
  • Jen Kenyon's outreach- what are we going to do with outreach stuff?
    1. Jen is supposed to reach out to someone. Lizzie will ask someone about it.
  • Update wording for housing on JP website
    1. Keeping wording, except changing "contact APO" to "contact JP Reps"
  • Organizing the student center
    1. In June we'll do an organizing hour
    2. Lizzie will contact BIG because there's a poster here that says to contact them about putting the outreach stuff somewhere